We are proud to offer a unique service built on a strong ethos.

Almost all IT recruiters are general IT recruitment consultants – we are specialist – just security. Furthermore all our staff come from an IT background, most having been successful consultants or engineers in the past and some still carry on, part-time as consultants.

To develop a strong relationship with our clients and candidates – to understand their individual, distinctive needs. We meet every candidate we put forward, we recommend meeting our clients or at least a conference call with the main stakeholders. For those clients with limited IT security knowledge or by request, we provide an in-house and external infrastructure audit so that we can provide the right candidate(s) for your needs.

Always maintain confidentiality between all parties and encrypting data where necessary.

Cybersecurity Recruitment Ltd treat each client as distinct, no matter how big or small.

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We only works with the best in the business to ensure that you receive the utmost attention from people who can truly change the direction your career is headed towards. Together we’ll find your perfect job.