Permanent IT Security Roles

We recruit for all IT security roles – Infrastructure Security Specialist, Penetration Testers, Cisco Security Specialists, Business Continuity Analysts, Network and Infrastructure Security Support Analysts, Hosting Security Specialists – basically if you can name the role we have probably hired for it or have people on our database looking for such roles who would match your company’s culture.

The good news is, by working with us, you won’t have to.

If you are short of time and are daunted by wading through endless uninspiring CVs the good news is we are your partner to find the ideal candidate and avoid this nightmare.

We know that you are probably under pressure to find that perfect candidate so we work alongside you to get that perfect hire.

When you are searching for experienced IT security personnel to join your staff, you want to know that you are interviewing the right candidate with the right skills who will seamlessly fit in to your company and hit the ground running.

We believe that company culture is as important as skills – we get to know your company as well as the prospective candidate(s).

We have in-depth knowledge of IT and IT Security as our agents have come from an IT background and most keep their hand in IT especially the ever developing IT security field.
Information Security is an ever developing sphere in IT and threats are being revealed in the news almost every day now. The threat is only going to increase over time.

Hire a security expert in your organization to prevent data theft or data loss and avoid the headache, embarrassment and damage to reputation that a breach of security could lead to.

You are safe in our hands as all our recruiters are used to evaluating candidates to ensure they are the best match to your requirements.

We also carry out meticulous telephone interviews to gauge the candidate’s skills, knowledge experience and character and personality at the least, and meet vast majority of them before passing the details on to you for the next stage.

If you have an IT security opening, and you want to recruit a responsible and knowledgeable individual to protect your organization, contact us on 020 3150 2839 or 020 3150 1813.

If you are looking for a unique, bespoke approach to IT security, call 020 3150 2839 or 020 3150 1813 Contact Us
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