IT Security Contract Roles

So, you’ve got the sign off and now you’re looking for a contractor to join your IT team. The trouble is you don’t just want a warm body. You want the right person…

You have the budget in place but need somebody who has the skills to complement the rest of your team quickly and somebody who will not need to be spoon-fed.

This is where we are an invaluable partner. If the contractor is with you for a few weeks to a rolling contract, we give equal importance to that potential member of staff – We want and thrive off repeat customers both clients and candidates.

The IT Security Sector has developed over the last few years and new job title descriptions are formulated almost every month.

Cisco or Juniper router experts, Information Risk Specialists, Penetration Testers, Ecommerce Security Specialists, Web site Security Engineers, Information Security Managers to W3C or HTML5 code testers to From IT Security Managers Information Risk Specialists and more the list is almost inexhaustible – use our expertise to match the ideal candidate to your company.

No matter what your need is, we can help you find the right IT security contractor to fit your business.

If you are looking for a unique, bespoke approach to IT security, call 020 3150 2839 or 020 3150 1813 Contact Us
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