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Trustworthiness, initiative and tenacity are the keys to our success in Recruitment

Our team have been hiring managers and recruited candidates, so we use our experience and knowledge to provide a balanced approach to recruitment highlighting the importance of hard work and diligence

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Specialising in IT security recruitment our knowledge within the industry remains unrivalled.

Welcome to Cyber Security Recruitment. Having been at the front line of IT Security recruitment we recognised a need for an honest, flexible and professional recruitment service. Gone are the days where one could afford to not have a true recruitment partner.

We are offering a global network of security professionals. A tailored search and selection. The most competitive rates on seasoned contractors. Being a friendly and supportive family, CSR will always offer a human to human approach.

With an extensive database of registered candidates, we can supply the right IT security professional for your role, having filled many roles for previous and current clients – we know how to find the very best people possible.

  • Your time is precious and limited.
  • You’re not getting the right calibre of candidate.
  • You know the IT professionals you want to recruit, you just need the cream of the crop so you can start the interview process, not 100’s of CVs to sift through!
  • You may not know exactly what security skills you need in a candidate and need advice from industry experts.

We don’t work on quantity, rather we concentrate on quality – we are a specialist boutique agency who will only send you relevant, pre-vetted candidates for each vacancy.

We believe that getting to know you as a company is important – what’s important to you and the business, what makes you tick and what are your main security concerns. Then we will handpick the people we believe will fit your business.

We specialise in IT security recruitment and IT security recruitment only – we work with you and are not sales people.

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